"Leave you flowers at your headstone.
Just sit and talk to you, my dear."
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name: do kyungsoo

character: han kangwoo in it’s okay it’s love

character description: jang jaeyeol’s imaginary friend


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nicknamesasian countries

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11 pm: I think I might go to bed early tonight
3 am: lol
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*jumps on the meme*

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after you’ve been through like a string of fandoms and you’ve decided your favourite character/s for each one, there will come a day when you will list all your faves from each fandom side by side and look at them carefully and realise

you have a type

if we’re talking about real people here: my love won’t stray from the main vocalists for too long either.

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Chapter 751- Sabo vs. Admiral Fujitora
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One Piece 30 Day Challenge

Day 25: favourite CP9 member

Kaku (damn he was actually a good guy kinda at the end ;-;)

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omma doesn’t really give a damn …

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Kyungsoo’s solo performance from their The Lost Planet tour in Hongkong.

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Japanese Poster: Yamanote Line Player. Shinpei Hasegawa. 2014

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what is beagle line


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if kyungsoo was your boyfriend

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How come nobody’s flipping their shit over this yet?!

O.O!!!! FINALLY!!!

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